Friday, January 28, 2011

Special shout out to Dara, Krama Yoga and NataRaj yoga!

This entire week I have been supported by the beautiful Dara (on right in photo above), who has taken her hardships and used yoga to turn her life around to inspire others.

Dara was living in Kien Khleang orphanage center when Yogeswari, director of AZAHAR Foundation, came to Cambodia to set up a sponsorship program for promising young people living at the center. This sponsorship program entails English classes, private school education, and weekly yoga classes at NataRaj. Dara showed tremendous initiative in her studies and her yoga practice and before long she was living at the studio so that she could work as evening receptionist, go to the local high school, follow extra English and Computer classes at a private school, and learn to teach yoga. Dara will graduate high school in July 2010—we are very proud of her, knowing what obstacles this impressive young woman has had to brave to achieve her goal.

So Dara and the Krama Yoga program work in partnership with Transitions Global to provide yoga to the girls. Soon, there will be 4 classes will be held on site at TLC which will allow the girls to develop a more regular practice. And 5 Transitions Global girls are immersed in a Teacher Training program so they can go on to help even more girls.

I am convinced that this partnership - bringing yoga to TLC - has sped up the girls' difficult healing process by years, if not decades.

For more information on this wonderful program, visit Yoga Cambodia.

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