Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cambodia, Day Five. Redefining Trauma.

When I knew I was coming back to work with the Transitions girls, I reached out to the NataRaj Yoga Studio to see if they would be interested in presenting my workshop on Redefining Trauma. NataRaj has a relationship with Transitions via their Krama Yoga NGO and they have helped many girls heal through yoga therapy and teacher training.

With only indirect knowledge of my work, they graciously agreed to host. When I met the founder of the studio, Isabelle Skaburskis, a few days ago it was clear our work had moved into similar territory; the belief that helping students discover the felt sense of their movement and patterns is the key to wellness.

So yesterday, I showed up at NataRaj ready to teach. I worked hard to re-organize the cognitive and experiential information about somatics, trauma and the body, essential neuroscience and the anatomy of wellness from 6 hours of content to 3. I did my best to ground, center and orient myself to greet whomever might appear to join me.

And good thing I did! We had 30 wonderful souls join us on a hot, hot afternoon in Phnom Penh. We got our bolsters and turned on the fans and settled in. As best I could tell, there were movement teachers, NGO workers, trauma survivors and others who were generally interested in the work for personal and/or professional reasons.

The feedback was terrific, both the official kind and the kind I have come to appreciate even more than the words that follow a shared experience. As I presented this often-dense content on a humid rooftop, I was able to see in the earnest and connected postures of men and women from around the world that this work matters. To be able to provide a gateway to the resources that are in our own bodies for healing is a beautiful thing. And I am so grateful to James and Athena Pond at Transitions and the lovely staff at NataRaj studio for allowing me to bring this work to Cambodia.

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