Monday, May 23, 2011

NEVER STOP MOVING! I am on pause and can use your help.

My friend Agostino, a watch connoisseur, discovered this awesome contest called NEVER STOP MOVING.

One lucky person will get to travel the world as part of the Maurice Lacroix NEVER STOP MOVING promotion. And Agostino thought, "Why not Stacy? She is doing a Year of Dance and has stalled in her international travel due to the usual budget constraints, plus if she wins, she will give me the watch!"**

So help me out!!! I need to get in at least the top 10 to be considered and I am, like, 60 some votes away from making the top tier.

VOTE and SPREAD the word. You need to be a Facebook person to do it, I think. So hopefully that means you.

Check out the VOTING LINK HERE.

** This is what I imagine Agostino was thinking. Not actual thoughts and/or dialogue.
*** This is a photo of Agostino and me, just so you get the full visual connection.

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