Monday, May 21, 2012

CDT on June 15th and 16th. The Year I Danced turns into The Year I Performed.

It's official. Tickets are available and EVERYTHING.

Here is the link to info and site for Area Choreographer's Festival at the Aronoff Center.

And because they cropped the photo on the site, here is the full version of how Ian Forsgren (our multi-hyphenate dancer-photographer-choreographer) rendered the early stages of dis(embody) with Alison Vodnoy Wolf and I on the diving board at the U.C. Rec Center.

What does it all mean? You will have to come see it to find out.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Do You Feel Stuck?

I know what it feels like to want to change. For a long time, I wanted to feel different, do different things, think different thoughts. Every single day I woke up wanting to change. Every day, I returned to the same stuck habits, thoughts and emotions. It was maddening.

My brain worked over time to figure it out and I just kept coming up with the same annoyed, frustrating paradigm of stuckness. I was profoundly wed to my habits.

I had to come to understand my addictions had become hardwired in my body. And my emotions and thoughts were being fed by the landscape of my body. If it was locked down and agitated and chasing the same sad ideas around, no change would come. But if I created different practices for my mind and body, then the entire world would change.

And it did.

I have studied the body for more than a decade. I understand where hardship lives and anger lives. I also understand where hope and change live.

Let me show you the path your body holds for you. Let me show you how True Movement can lead you toward transformation. I will give you a series of deceptively simple exercises to open you toward new emotions, thoughts and activities.

It sounds like a big promise. But the body does not lie. Nor does it disappoint when you can observe and listen and feel.

I don't want money to be a barrier so I am offering two Sundays of By-Donation True Movement Privates at the Yoga Bar at 825 Main Street. (free parking on Sunday to top it off!)  So pick your hour on either May 27th or June 3rd. I ask only that you keep your appointment. And you can pay what you can. Even if that means nothing except a smile.

When I was in Bali, I had the luxury of people coming to find me to work with them. I offered to share what I know for whatever these seekers could pay. In that realm, it is in the spirit of healing that it all works out. Why not here?

So check your calendar and email me at to schedule your private or for more information.

I look so forward to moving with you.

Stacy Sims

Teaching in Bali.