Sunday, April 22, 2012

TEDx Talk!! Freedom Comes in Movement

Here it is, my TEDx talk! I hope you can find time to enjoy it and if you are inclined, share it to.

It was a great day for me and a highlight of a great year for sure to be able to try and synthesize, a bit, about why I do what I do.

But the most incredible thing of all is that it has already inspired movement. Here is a blog by a new friend who heard about the talk and has joined me on a brave journey of rediscovery. Please read her, support her and breathe for her when she falters.

And wherever you are today with your own journey, I hope you find your own version of freedom soon. If you too struggle, think about what state of mind your body is mapping for you. If you need to, make a new map. If you need my help, I hope you will reach out.

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