Monday, March 7, 2011

ArtsWave at the Cincinnati Ballet (and a ton of other fun stuff to do this weekend!)

Julie Sunderland and friends at one of Cincinnati Ballet's outreach programs.

Last year, the Fine Arts Fund morphed into the new and exciting ArtsWave. And now we get to ride the tidal wave of arts programming that is the new and improved "Sampler Weekend." This year, there are more weekends, more arts organizations, more diverse programs and participants, and even more locations. From community centers to fine arts organizations, ArtsWave is redefining the arts in our community.

In years past, arts organizations would jam a lot of programming into a weekend. It was a great time but it also meant that if you weren't able to attend on that one weekend, you missed out on the free art sampler boat.

Now, the celebration extends to 6 different weekends during the 12-week campaign to help fund the arts in Cincinnati. And here is the extra cool part - ArtsWave has begun to redefine what it means to be a participant in and/or patron of the arts. Check out the schedule for this Saturday, March 12th, to see what I mean. The Cincinnati Ballet (my favorite place to hang out these days), is the featured organization. But you could map out a day that includes ballroom dance, puppetry, gypsy dancing (I saw them practicing - they balance swords on their heads and I am not kidding), robot-programmed, Lego making art, and more.

So if ArtsWave is expanding the definition about what art is, might you expand your own definition of who is an artist? Are you one? Come out this weekend (or for future weekends) and see where and why and how you connect to the artist in your own soul. Visit ArtsWave for more info.

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