Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Body Speaks ... It's Fringe Time Again!!

It's that time of the year again. It's CincyFringe ... 11 days of awesomeness in the form of 35 sixty minute (give or take a few minutes) shows that fall in the category of "Fringe" - which means anything from edgy content to unusual theatrical techniques to high-end fare from the Fringe circuit.

You buy a pass and then hit the streets of OTR and try to see as many shows as you can, revising your schedule every day because someone tells you that something not on your list is now on your "must see" list.

The True Body Project has done a show the last three years. We opted out of the process this year to give our ideas a break. But we had the good fortune of helping Pones, Inc. out with a True Body workshop to kick-start their "Body Speaks" compositional process. So make sure to check out their MOVEMENT show. Also try to see the other "Body Speaks" shows in the same venue -- all the artists were inspired by the same group of evocative and enigmatic photographs (one is above.)

I am stoked to see Kevin Thornton's I Love You (You're F*&^$ed) and Denali and a few more. I also get to report on the FringeNext teen shows on behalf of City Beat.

So get your pass asap and get downtown starting tonight. I'll see you outside the Know Theatre where we can swap notes on shows and compare schedules.

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