Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dance Intensive Day Two

Okay. So now I have a more clear understanding of how come they cry on Dancing with the Stars. It is not only because their abs are killing them. It is because they are broken open from moving and bending and falling and yielding and pushing and pulling all the way down to the marrow. No. All the way down to some primordial cells.

Holy smokes. This is no joke.

And here is what is weird. Even though I have a bruised knee and all the polish on my toes has pretty much been scraped off and my foot has a floor burn on it, even though I am pretty sure I will weep before the night is over when one tiny thing even slightly moves me, this is the best experience ever.

I was telling my friend Heather that it is one of those experiences where you get reminded of everything you know and everything you have forgotten. You have so many epiphanies you can't keep track of them and you just hope your body hangs on to a few.

This morning the brilliant Fanchon Shur reminded of us our primordial, cellular bodies and made a roomful of strangers instantly intimate. It is daunting and essential work, her Body Mind Centering practice. I have known about Fanchon's work forever but have never experienced it until today. She is a luminous human and a real treasure for this community. Get on it and spend some time in her world.

Kristin O'Neal conducted the afternoon masterclass with incredible enthusiasm and energy, plus sound effects. She is a pure delight of a teacher and moved us into partner and group weight sharing, crab walking, exercises that somehow, under her tutelage, were elegant and interesting. Once again, I got to stand back for some of it and watch these incredibly talented and committed young people work it.

I am so lucky to live in this body in this life in this city in this year with these people and with you.

Thank you everyone.

(But if you see me this week don't do anything too nice or too sad or too anything because I am sure to completely disassemble in the most wonderfully humbled way.)

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