Monday, November 28, 2011

The Year I Danced, revisited.

My oh my.

What a freakin' great year. And while I'm not quite done with my year of dance, officially, I just took a stroll down blog memory lane to see some of my posts and experiences over the last year.

I was prompted by Ka-Ron, modern dance teacher and all-around inspirer, today at class. She told the beautiful young dancer Hannah, on break from Wright State, that I had only been at it for a year. Hannah was impressed. So that was like a super awesome moment for me.

Honestly, I could have not enjoyed this year more if I tried, despite some incredibly difficult and life-altering moments of loss. And you know why? For two reasons.

1. Dance.
2. You.

I have moved and stretched and contracted and leaped and turned and learned learned learned as fast as I could learn this year. Every struggle and every victory got worked out through my entire somatic being. My celebrations and my despair were equally and entirely felt. Therefore they didn't need to linger on too long as my body prepared for the next moment in full.

I have also been held up and loved up by some amazing amazing amazing people. My teachers and friends and family have been a mirror for the happiness I am taking on like a full time job. My dearest Kristin, who left this world a few months ago, was my best teacher of all. I think of her courage and her humor and her friendship (not to mention that cooking. oh that cooking) every day. I imagine her watching. Leading me. Reminding me not to be an idiot and that life is short and all there is, really, is love.

I have traveled and taught. I have laughed more than I have cried. Way more.
And I have been hoping all year that I would be able to turn the word "dance" into a euphemism for all things intimate, fun, and ... well ... you know. I'm not inclined to blog about that. But I have my finger's crossed that my dance might become a "dance" for more than an out-of-town second.

Either way, I am grateful. And stay tuned, my fellow BEST EVER DANCE PARTY EVER friends, it looks like we may have an anniversary event on tap!

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