Monday, February 6, 2012

Eat, Pray, Love, Heal, Teach, Saunter, Connect

This is my fourth day in Bali. I just counted it out with my fingers. Twice. To be sure I was right because it seems like time is expanding and I've been here forever.

Lisa and I arrived on different flights at roughly the same time, greeted by torrential rain and a CROWDED airport and street scene in Seminyak. I stayed in the area 10 years ago and it has changed a lot. It was a holiday which makes for even busier streets, but I literally could not cross the street when I took a harrowing walk to the ATM machine.

The villa we stayed in was superb and the hang out scene at Ku De Ta and the dining choices (Sardine was sublime. A million dollar dinner for real. Rupiah, that is.) remain world class choices, but the space between is hard to manage. And since I was here pre-bombing last time, it is comforting and sad to have to have your bags checked by security at entrance to a resort after your beach walk.

On Saturday, we moved to Ubud, Lisa off to the One World Retreat to do a week-long workshop with Rachel and Mer of Cincinnati and Yoga Bar fame, and me to my homestay to prepare to teach my Yoga Barn workshop.

As lovely as it was to stay in the countryside in an authentic Balinese style home, I was a bit too far off the beaten path. So yesterday I found the lovely Bali Aura next door to the Yoga Barn and have decided to call this home for the week. Easy and affordable bliss.

The workshop was amazing and ten warm souls joined me to learn about stress and trauma in the body. I have met new collaborators for True Body and for True Movement for sure. But technically, my work is now done. And now I have the grand good fortune to settle in and relax and listen and write and create and breathe and even

t y p e m o r e s l o w l y f o r a c h a n g e. M a y b e e v e n l e a r n t o l i v e i n

t h e

s p a c e s

b e t w e e n

t h e

w o r d s.

I went to a healer today. Right before the driver turned on the turn signal in the van, my left palm began to pulse like crazy. We turned left and entered the sanctuary of Tjokorda Gede Rai. He greeted me warmly with a smile and ease that made me feel my wellness work on my own body and spirit is working pretty darn good. He asked what he could do for me. I gestured to my heart. "Open this, please."

He said, "You need passion. You will be the Goddess of Amor." (pretty literally)

I said, "Yes indeed, guru healer 80 year-old Balinese man. Yes indeed." (less literally, but still accurate.)

He worked on me. We spoke in whispers. In the end, he unblocked some stuff and suggested I move the energy up from the ground to my whole being. He said that would bring me "charisma" and I would be "hot." No lie.

But he told me to be careful. Make choices. Focus.

So that's my job this week.

Move energy, make choices, focus.

A n d s l o w i t a l l d o w n t o d i s c e r n

t h i s

n e w

t r u t h.

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