Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to end a journey.

How do I honor my last day in Bali?

I am working hard to stay connected here, to all that is available in the earth, air, water and breath. I am working to keep my action-oriented, make-a-to-do-list-now, count-my-pennies-once-again brain quieted for at least another 24 hours. My strategy for this had to be mapped out. Here it is. My last day recipe to honor my journey.

Listen to the water while watching the wind move the rice.
Drink another juice potion or two.
Inhale gifts, exhale gratitude for each and every beautiful soul I met.
Teach for an hour to give of myself in this land of getting.
Turn myself over to Balinese hands for one last healing.
Dance, ecstatically, in a barn made for yoga.

Thank you thank you thank you. Om shanti om.

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