Monday, April 11, 2011

Passe, releve, rond de jambe.

Contract, release, extend, plie, pirouette.

This is the beautiful language I heard this morning as I learned to make my body execute these concepts quickly, elegantly, instantly.

I have been taking Ka-Ron Brown Lehman's modern class at the Cincinnati Ballet for a total of maybe 7 or 8 classes now. We work on Monday mornings together for an hour and 15 minutes of concentrated movement.

And here is the deal. Every week something gets easier and every week some new challenge emerges. Today I learned how to use the energetic forces in my body to create more length and ease of movement. In short, I pulled some stuff off!

Today I also learned my body has no existing map, no neuromuscular ease of motion, when asked to pirouette more than once. I lose my way.

It is dizzying to feel lost, to wonder if you can keep moving without falling down. I know that in more ways than one. I have been lost many times.

But here is the cool thing ... I know that if we do the turns next week, I will feel less lost. And the more that I do them, the more mastery I will be able to have over my body and my mind when the world starts to spin around me.

Imagine, spinning on your center axis, over and over again, always being able to find the horizon. That has to be a good thing for the body to know how to do.

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