Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pendleton Pilates Workshop in July! Come Join Me!

I am really stoked to be back at Pendleton Pilates this summer doing a "Founder's Workshop."

Will you join me?

Here is the info:

Stacy Sims Workshop at Pendleton Pilates
Sunday, July 15th
1 – 4 pm.
NOTE - NEW ADDRESS - Workshop will be at Pendleton Pilates' Hyde Park Studio!
2716 Erie Avenue, Hyde Park Square (Greater's side!)
Call 513-478-3232 to reserve your spot.

Pendleton Pilates founder Stacy Sims has been teaching classes and workshops “outside” of the Pilates vernacular for the last two years and returns to Pendleton to share what she has learned about how to help clients find more freedom of movement and to rebalance the body for higher physical, emotional and cognitive function.

Her workshop will give you easy tools to bring into your Pilates practice either as a teacher or student and will also provide important information about SI joint dysfunction, how the psoas can help or hinder a Pilates practice, the missing component of the back body, and the importance of circular and lateral movements of the spine. You will find more strength, length, agility and power, even in the simplest moves.

Workshop:                             $75                  ($60 for Pendleton teachers)
Workshop + Private:               $100                ($90 for Pendleton teachers)
Private Only:                           $50                  ($35 for Pendleton teachers)

Teaching in Bali.


  1. oh goody ... does one have to have previous experience in pilates?

  2. No, please come regardless of experience with Pilates! We will make it interesting and fun for everyone. Call 513-478-3232 to register.