Friday, June 8, 2012

Where is my mind?

Wow. What a brain f$#* of a week!

I have totally been here before and I will totally be here again but I have bounced into every quadrant of my brain over the last few days and into every dark recess of my psyche that is available to me. I have gotten out the pickax and the lantern. I have dug deep. 

They are somewhere between insane and essential, these moments where you want to dislodge the secret truth decoder ring from its hiding place and to get on FOR REAL THE RIGHT PATH to love, security, creativity and some goddamn fun.

But holy cow, whether it is Venus in Transit or solar flares or global weirding or the economy or the logical end of my own choices, this is a doozy. 

I sense I am not alone. I sense the weirdness. I sense fear. Mainly, my own.

But luckily oh oh oh so luckily, there is morning and breath and movement and time and turning ... on our side until they aren't. And wouldn't it be a big old waste to waste it?

So since I have agitated the refresh button on my computer and in my mind all week, I am turning it over to the gods of theatre and weekend and summer and friends and hope.

Let's dance. 

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