Monday, June 4, 2012

The Year I NEARLY Performed.

Uh yeah.

So I have been working on this really interesting piece called dis(embody) for Area Choreographer's Festival for many months with collaborator Alison Vodnoy Wolf, plus Ian Forsgren, Ashley Goos and John Odom, plus help cleaning things up from the lovely Heather Britt. Up until Friday, I had created a role for myself in the piece. Up until Friday, I was eager to perform for the first time since I was in the 7th grade.

(Although I have since remembered our spirited rendition of "All the Single Ladies" at a Frannie Kroner FEAST dinner party which I don't think counts for anything except for being AWESOME especially because Britt Spitler was Beyonce.)

On Friday, two things happened. One, I hurt myself. Popping up from a deep lunge is not, apparently, my strong suit. The other thing is that it became crystal clear that my strong suit and my deep desire is to tell stories and nurture them into life.  With a nagging injury, I realized that I neither have the chops nor the fortitude to toughen up and move toward the stage. So my colleagues GENEROUSLY and swiftly reorganized and I swear to god, the piece is more beautiful than it was before. Ashley is inhabiting my story and it is truly moving for me to watch her find even more beauty and tension in it than I ever could.

So I hope you will still come to see it. And if you had been hoping to hear Baxter Bell play violin, you will have to come to the Yoga Bar on Friday night, June 15th, for Vinyasa and Vino for that. We've also taken the live music out of our dance piece to make things simpler all around.  But the good news is you can do ALL OF THAT on the same night.

And since I am not inclined to let a good photo go to waste, here again, is the cool photo Ian took of Alison and I months ago to speak to some of the themes in the piece. I remain proud to be a part of it and happy to be in the role I am trained to do: writer, nurturer, collaborator.

p.s. HERE is a super nice article by the super nice David Lyman.

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