Sunday, November 28, 2010

Before noon I will have danced my a** off to this song.

There are definitely some days when I am slightly unmotivated to move my body. But usually, not on a Sunday. Julie Sunderland's 11 a.m. R&M class at the Cincinnati Ballet is a high-energy lovefest after which I can usually talk someone into joining me for cheesy, eggy brunch fare. And by noon, I will have danced to 10 songs, each with super fun choreography. This is what is currently our last song. Here is our choreography in layman's terms: run, jump, repeat, turn, kick, wiggle wiggle wiggle. Repeat.

It's hot. But mainly, it's fun.

1 comment:

  1. I danced today. Twice. Tengo Ganas by Victor Manuelle came on my ipod just as I was passing 601 Overton Street. So, I stopped walking. AND DANCED! 601 is not a studio, but a design office of some kind with really great glass doors out front. Perfect for practice basic, side to side, cross body lead, right turn....SALSA!
    The second time I danced was on my 2nd walk. The Electric Slide came on my ipod just as I discovered the new Target in my hood is going to have a Starbucks! Is there a better reason to dance? Kay Kay