Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hallelujah Kundalini!

I am used to moving my body nearly every day in an attempt to restore balance, joy and strength. While we have done some movement work with the girls, I am working hard to keep an eye on things and watch how they experience movement and/or meditation so I haven't had a pure movement experience, where I get to be a student of my body, for a week.

Happy happy hallelujah Kundalini yoga Phnom Penh! This morning I took class on a cool/hot rooftop terrace near my hotel with Mindy. I think I have done nearly every form of yoga now that I have added Kundalini to the mix. It was an awesome class designed to use the breath and movement to energize the spine and the chakra system.

We did a long, specific warm up and then three exercises to strengthen our arms and our aura to shine brighter and for triple protection against fear.

Thanks lovely Mindy and the gracious staff at Kundalini Yoga Cambodia for opening your studio to me this morning. And in a side note about connectedness, after class Mindy asked if I was at an Italian deli this weekend in Phnom Penh. Indeed I was! She recognized Srey Neth, the Transitions Global graduate. They are doing a Hatha yoga training together. Yay to the community of those who heal themselves to serve others. Right on.

Or, as we chanted today in a six minute mediation, SA TA NA MA.

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