Friday, February 18, 2011

Dance with me.

I've been thinking about inspiration and collaboration since I got back home.

As you lovely readers-o'-my-blog may have surmised, I am aching for creative connections or just connections. I am wondering when is the next time I get to sit in a room with smart and talented dreamers and schemers to bring a story to life. Hopefully, the VIVIAN GIRLS musical (which is a semi-finalist for the O'Neill this summer!!) might be an avenue. Hopefully, the pilot I just penned may be another. But there is a new idea that is crawling around in my heart that wants to express itself. I can just feel it.

Usually, when I feel this desire, I slow down a bit and talk to fellow artists about what they are doing that inspires them. I had two of these conversations this week which lit my brain on fire a bit more and compelled me in on a Friday night to let ideas and images and words spin around in my brain.

Here is what is coming at me:

Thoughts of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. Just kids.
The idea of the revolutionary body. Or bodies in revolt. Abused, ignored and silenced, the body speaks.
David Bowie, Louise Lecavalier, Edouarde Lock.
Mirror neurons.
Phantom limbs.
Sitting in Jay Bolotin's kitchen, listening to Aralee Strange and Jay talk - my very own Hotel Chelsea.

How does it all go together? Who knows? But this moment, the moment where the void demands to be filled and it calls in light, text, movement and history for consultation ... it is the best.

Thanks to the inspiring players, past and present, for stirring things up for me. And I hope you can take time to watch some of this video (or get the documentary by Michael Apted called INSPIRATIONS for more of same plus awesome interviews with artists including Bowie, Lock, Lichtenstein, Chihuly and more about what inspires them) to see how exciting it is when artists open themselves up to discover new vocabularies.

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