Friday, February 4, 2011

Morning becomes acoustic. Evening becomes electric. In the middle, we give thanks.

I awoke in my tent this morning to the sun rising over the ocean and the jungle's crescendo. I have never heard such a symphony from nature. I am not sure if I have ever really heard nature, to tell you the truth. There are some show offy musicians on this island: the crickets and the birds and I have no idea what else each try to outplay the other and then at times they just go "Aw hell. Let's just all play real loud. I mean the sun is coming up and that's cool, so let's jam."

I took a long walk along the beach before breakfast with "my" dog. There is like no one else here so I feel like I can call her my dog. It wasn't until late in the day until I discovered her 9 puppies. Super duper cute and I was very impressed with her vivaciousness on our walk for such a tired mom. I call her Pepper. Like in Angie Dickinson. Pepper's run in with a sand crab was hilarious.

The rest of the day stretched out like taffy. Kindle still on the fritz so I found a book in the give-away library and 30 pages in I realized I had already read it but I kind of liked that. It felt familiar and I need a teensy bit of familiar. So my day was walk, eat, read, read, read, swim, walk (beach), eat, read, read, read, walk (jungle), read, eat, electricity!

Now I am listening the Beatles, eating the hottest, mild green curry ever and planning my day tomorrow. I think I am going to see the James Bond island and other Thai special sites on a jet boat/canoe/cave tour. Chat up some tourists. Stuff like that.

But it hardly matters what I do or don't do on my final days on the island because like the sign says, every day is a gift.

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