Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day.

Wow. I am sitting in my chair in Kristin's room at City of Hope hospital. Before I left for Asia, Kristin was suffering through the hardest part of her bone marrow transplant, with her levels low and her spirit and health lower.

Today, Valentine's Day, we await word if she will get out tonight or tomorrow. Either way, it is a big, giant heart-filled blessing. The nurse is wearing heart scrubs and I've already overheard several "I love you" messages in the hallway as nurses and doctors call home to check in with a loved one.

Kristin's son Simon sang her a rap Valentine's song this morning into her voicemail. I just read my son Nick's sweet Valentine message to me from Chile.

I have an email in my inbox from one of the Cambodian girls, filled with smiley face and love emoticons. And I have so many loving notes from my friends, eager to see me back home.

The sun is out. My friend is leaving the hospital. This month's journey is about to come to a close.

And in my mind's eye, I am drawing a giant heart around the entire experience.

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I hope you feel love. It is everywhere.

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