Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last dance.

I said goodbye to the island and took a long tail boat then a taxi then a plane to Bangkok, then spent one night, in order to fly to Phnom Penh for a final day with the Transitions Global girls and staff.

I brought the girls shells and they turned them into hearts: "One for me, one for you." I got to eat lunch with them on their school break and they were delighted that I was not a picky eater. I didn't let on that when I tasted the thing I thought was a mushroom and it turned out to be chicken liver, that it almost did me in. I was just happy to be in their company, beautiful, smiling brave and wonderful girls.

I spent the afternoon resting up at the house with Summer, Prium (who is I swear to god the cutest boy on the planet), and Courtney, watching Spiderman and drinking tea and finishing up a few work details. After over a week of alone time, I felt like I was back in the arms of family.

Finally, Courtney and I went to NataRaj studio for a great Ashtanga flow class with super strong and fabulously tatted up Alison. Ending my trip on a rooftop in Phnom Penh doing yoga felt just right. I saw Srey Neth (Transitions grad) and Nara (my yoga helper for the week) and I, again, felt like I was back home.

I didn't know how much I came to love Phnom Penh until I traveled to Bangkok.

And I was reminded how much I love my Cincinnati home (and my LA outpost) when I crossed the world.

See you soon everyone! More posts from LA. Or maybe even later today when I am bored out of my skull in the Seoul airport for my very very long layover. Bonus: latte in the lounge, massage down the hall. xo

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