Thursday, February 3, 2011

Isolation, electromagnetic weirdness, tropical island. Am I LOST?

Am I lost or am I found? The next four days will surely tell.

I arrived on the small island of Naka Yai Island, Phuket, by boat which was about 20 minutes from a small port in Phuket. I just sort of went with the non-English flow and followed people who seemed to know where they were taking me. It was low tide so we had to put the boat on the beach about 75 yards away and hike up the beach to Tenta Nakara. It is an eco-friendly, tented bungalow set up and I think I am the only person here besides a family from Germany, plus the nice staff.

You get a lantern and a lighter and if you need it, a battery to hook up to your fan once the generator and wifi go off at 10 pm. Electricity and internet are permitted from 6 pm - 10 pm.

So here I sit, all alone on a bungalow dinner deck, listening to the ocean and the wind and the loudest next of crickets and singing critters I have ever heard.

I was all set to turn off the computer and turn on my Kindle (sort of cheating, I think) but it is FROZEN and according to the website, may have electromagnetic issues!!! I mean I saw LOST, didn't you? Any black smoke or reference to the "others" and I am going to skedaddle back on my Long Tail Boat back to the mainland.

Wow. I wish I could get the photos to upload from my phone. I will work on that tomorrow during my hour of connectedness.

Good night and sweet dreams and crawling things, stay out of my tent.

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