Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are you paying attention? Check out Matt Luck. And file this moment away until you go, "Oh I saw this guy when he was like 15."

So I am not dancing today. Break day.

( And shit it is cold.)

I was thinking about whether or not to post and so I killed some time on Facebook (really? what a surprise!) and "liked" one of Matt Luck's funny status updates and then VOILA! my post came to me.

Introduce them to Matt Luck!!

I met Matt through Jodie Linver when we needed a Britt Spitler understudy for our True Body Fringe show in 2009. She showed me this video and I cried.

I think Matt was like 14 or 15 when this was performed. He is this awesome kid with this incredibly unique look and an authentic, jaw-dropping talent. I have to imagine there have been times when it hasn't been easy to be Matt, hanging in the suburbs of Cincinnati.

But good things are coming to him. They already have. He is much-recognized by all the right people on the national dance scene.

So check it out. And try to remember when (or if) you have moved this organically, this authentically.

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