Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What if we are this beautiful already?

This is an astonishingly beautiful piece of art. It is simple: a piece of red fabric dancing to the forces created by a circle of fans. AMERICAN BEAUTY captured it too. But this is more precisely created to stand on its own narrative.

What if this is what we really look like as we succumb to the conflicting forces around us and within us? We get pulled this way by desire and then retreat that way in fear. We ascend and then we drop. We are in constant motion.

What if the dance is the thing? What if this is enlightenment?

I have been talking a bit the last couple of days about my friend Julianna's discovery this past year. She realized, as an actor, she was always one intellectual step removed from her instincts, as though being herself had to be dressed up a bit. She spent a few painful weeks breaking down these habits in order to trust that being just Julianna is good enough. That magic lives right there.

I watched her work a month ago when she joined our True Body ensemble and it was palpable ... her open heart and her soft knowing. Watching the real Julianna was as beautiful as this video.

And to my other beautiful friend (you know who you are), you are also this perfect, as is. And as beautiful as they come.


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