Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Black Swan-like dedication to my craft.

Short the self-mutilation and the psychosis, a few friends and I showed our Black Swan-like dedication to dance today as we braved the elements to attend the Thursday morning Rhythm & Motion class at the Cincinnati Ballet.

I hiked the eight blocks from Orchard to the Ballet when I realized that if I didn't get up and move this morning, it might be a completely isolated, sedentary day. And in truth, that is what leads me to the dark place for sure.

My fellow dancers slid their way from as far away as Wilmington to get to class. In the end, Julie, Danielle, Nicole, Nicole, Meg, Laura and I BROUGHT IT for extra cardio Thursday.

Thanks, Julie, for being there for us and thanks to the rest of the corps for moving with me on a snow day so I can keep my black swan in check.

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