Saturday, December 11, 2010

How To Have Fun With Dancing.

I have had the great fortune of spending a ton of time with the Chambers/Dollinger family while in LA. And I am a huge fan of their son Simon. He goes to Sequoyah, an innovative school in Pasadena.

Part outdoor magical playground, part school, Seqouyah features an "Options" program. What this means is that a couple times a year, parents or students can create their own class and as long as they get enough people to sign up, they get to teach. And since there are a lot of talented parents and kids at the school, the students get to learn cooking, filmmaking, etc. from master teachers and/or enthusiastic students.

According to Simon's mom, his first offering, "How To Draw A Mango," didn't get enough takers to go forward with the class. But this year, his "How To Have Fun With Dancing" class, is a go. Thursday is the final performance. Simon has divided the class into groups and they will perform various numbers they created. Simon will perform the finale.

Here, in preview, is a bit of Simon's Mix-Hop dance style. I think you will agree that Simon knows how to have fun with dancing. And what more do you need besides passion, talent and drive to be a great teacher?

Go, Simon!

simon dancing from stacy sims on Vimeo.

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