Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cincinnati Rhythm & Motion!

Happy Birthday, Cincinnati Rhythm & Motion!

Tonight lucky Cincinnatians will celebrate 10 years of R&M and 10 years of the inimitable Heather Britt ... an amazing dancer, teacher, mother, choreographer, business woman, and friend.

Everyone who knows me has heard my praise a thousand times. Here are a few variations on the theme:

"Oh my God, really, you should see Heather in class."
"Seriously, it is the best class ever."
"You think she is good? You should see Heather dance."
"Heather can do that."

I remember when I first started hearing about Heather and the class. For some insane reason, I resisted it at first. Finally, a few years back, I started going on Wednesday nights. I thought I was going to faint or vomit after about four songs. It was that challenging to my non-cardio'ed system. And instead of running for the door, I told my friend Katie "I love this!"

For a few months, I was a Wednesday night regular. And then I added Monday. And then I added Saturday. And then I added in Susan's class. And Elena's class. And then Julie's class. And then Rachel's class. And then Britt's class. I was hooked.

The point of R&M is to dance because it is a joyful and healthful practice. Along the way, we try to get better at it. Sometimes we imagine that we are almost as good at this wiggle or that leap as Heather. And then she busts out a new variation on something and we literally stop in our tracks. What. The. Hell?

The most amazing thing though about Heather and the other R&M teachers is not their stellar talent, but their kindness and openness and joyous energy, each and every class. I know that each of them has endured some very difficult times since I have met them, but I have never seen any of these teachers let anything effect their class.

So do yourself a favor. Go to a class. Or come to the Cincinnati Ballet tonight at 8 p.m. to take part in the fun. Just don't take my spot. I'm coming back soon! :)

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