Sunday, December 5, 2010

The cure to an impatient spine.


I have arrived in LA. I am here to try to connect with new collaborators. And since I don't know who they are or what that really looks like (aka I'm winging it a bit), it is easy to get nervous. And impatient.

That got me to thinking about impatience. My friend Lisa had a dream recently in which a friend chastised her for her "impatient spine." I was pondering this as I watched Jasmine Albuquerque, my dance teacher, in the Beginner Jazz Fusion class at the Sweat Spot on Sunset yesterday morning.

I can tell you this. Jasmine does not have an impatient spine. She has a joyous, confident and irreverent spine. And she took us through one of the most joyous, confident and irreverent classes I have ever been in. I will return for sure and take her advice to check out the Heartbeat House in Atwater too.

So on the days when my brain gets impatient and demands to know "What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing?" I can remember how my spine felt in Jasmine's class. Because if my spine had a voice yesterday it was shouting, "Ha ha! Watch this! I can do anything!"

And if you want to know more about all the cool stuff Jasmine is up to, you can follow her here.

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