Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I want to feel as happy as you dance.

A long time ago, I wanted to look like other people. I wanted that girl's skinny legs or that girl's olive skin or that girl's blond hair.

Now I aspire for a movement quality. I want to learn to turn like Ron. I want to learn to leap like Heather. I want to learn to free up my spine like Alena.

I don't wish to be younger or skinnier or prettier. I just want to move with confidence, purpose and joy. I want to be as happy as Alena is here, at the Rhythm and Motion 10-year anniversary party, every single day.

It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful than this, right?

That's why I went to class last night. That's why I am off to class today. (9:30 a.m Tuesday at the Cincinnati Ballet at the corner of Central and Liberty.)

Join me!

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